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The Law of Attraction in Recovery From Alcoholism

You will always find exactly what you’re looking for, this is an age-old truth. It still surprises me when I discover how many people don’t realize this truth. To recover from alcoholism, which is my primary focus in the recovery community, I always start in the mind. Thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to actions, which lead to results.

So the question is; what are you looking for? Or may I phrase that a different way; what is it that you WANT? You see, wanting is the beginning of deliberate creating, and until you want something, you’ll never have it. That being the case, if what you want is not currently present in your life, you must look inward and examine your thoughts.

Our minds are sending and receiving stations. All attraction begins with you. Therefore you must focus on what you want, not on what you need. Because, when you focus on what you need, you’re actually focusing on the lack of what you want, thereby attracting more lack (of what you really want).

You must continually seek that which you desire. Every day, every morning, from your bed upon awakening, throughout the day, until again you find it’s the end of the day, and your head is back on the pillow. You must continually seek that which you desire. When you do this, a vibrational harmonic frequency will begin to resonate out into the Universe, and all that is in alignment with that frequency, all things that resonate vibrationally with your desires, that resonate with what you want, they will begin to appear in your life. Not just things either, but thoughts and ideas, concepts from Creative Intelligence, they will begin to appear in your mind in the form of inspiration, excitement, and motivation. Things you’ve watched others attempt, and up until now you’ve never even dared to think about… but now you want to try them for yourself.

Soon, opportunities will begin to present themselves. New and different people will show up around you. Situations that used to baffle you will suddenly begin to resolve themselves with grace and ease. You will find yourself where you want to be, and becoming who you want to be, more and more each day. This is the way of things, it is Universal Law. It cannot not happen.

Then, it’s simply a choice, not a struggle. I have many years of personal experience with these matters, in life generally, and in recovery specifically. When all you desire is recovery from alcoholism, and that becomes a burning desire, and it consumes you every day with a passion that surpasses all others, then it is an outcome with an imminent arrival. Be present; remain open; and trust your Intuitive Wisdom.

If you find this message resonates with who you are, or what you want, and recovery from alcoholism is something you desire for yourself, or for someone you know and love, then please visit my website; You will find resources to support your effort, and you will be supporting my effort to continue serving this community.


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